Oil and Gas business development

Oil and gas in DTEK

Naftogazvydobuvannya PrJSC
DTEK Naftogas

Development of oil and gas production business in DTEK. Associated companies


According to DTEK's 2030 Strategy, one of our strategic goals is to expand our oil and gas business to satisfy the fuel demand of SCM Group companies. Over 6 billion cubic meters of natural gas is to be annually produced for this purpose.

Following the strategy, in 2013 we concentrated the controlling stake in Naftogasvydobubannya, the largest private gas producer in Ukraine. The company is developing the licensed sites of the Semyrenkivske and Machukhske fields in Poltava region.

We also have a stake in Vanco Prykerchenska Ltd licensed to develop the Prykerchenska Block of the Black Sea Shelf.