Coal production and preparation

DTEK is a key player in the Ukrainian coal industry. Its coal mining is represented by six largest companies in the industry: DTEK Pavlogradugol (10 mines), DTEK Dobropolyeugol (5 mines), DTEK Rovenkianthracite (6 mines), DTEK Sverdlovanthracite (5 mines), DTEK Mine Komosomolets Donbassa (1 mine) and ALC Mine Bilozerska (1 mine). In addition, the coal preparation of DTEK consists of 12 preparation plants.

DTEK mines thermal and coking coal that is prepared at its own enterprises. It has an extensive commercial product line, including coal concentrate for power generation and coking, as well as special fuel for household needs.

The enterprises in the coal-mining and preparation divisions have highly efficient production processes. In comparison with others in the industry, they deliver greater labour productivity and have lower production and preparation costs.