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Donetsk, 25 November 2013. DTEK has gained control over the Ukrainian engineering company Elektronaladka.

Kyiv, 29 October 2013. DTEK Trading signed a natural gas supply contract with PGNiG SA.

Kyiv, 21 October 2013. On Saturday, a Tree Planting Initiative was launched around Ukraine.

Donetsk, 7 October 2013. DTEK is setting up a corporate research and design centre on the basis of Energoproekt design company, acquired on 24 September.

Kyiv, 17 September 2013. The total costs of DTEK for sustainable development projects, including social partnerships with towns where the Company operates, health and safety, environmental protection, and maintenance of social assets totalled UAH 1,533.3 billion in the first half of 2013.

Kyiv, 17 September 2013. DTEK, Ukraine's largest energy company, announced its unaudited consolidated financial statements for the six months ended 30 June 2013.

Kyiv, 10 September 2013. DTEK, the energy division of SCM Group, has become one of the top ten most dynamically developing companies in Central and Eastern Europe, according to Deloitte, a leading international audit and consulting company. DTEK has risen from the 32nd to the 7th place in the annual rating, and is the leader in terms of the revenue growth rate.

Kyiv, 9 September 2013. DTEK signed an agreement for a RUB 5.35 billion facility with VTB Capital plc (VTB Group). Financing will be provided in two tranches for three and five years.

Kyiv, 9 September 2013. DTEK concluded a $375,000,000 Structured Pre-Export Financing.

Kyiv, 5 September 2013. Kyiv Polytechnic Institute graduates its first DTEK-sponsored group. Seven top students of energy engineering faculties have completed a two-year specialised course and internship, and are now qualified specialists employed by Kyivenergo.