Growth drivers

Economic growth

The development of the Ukrainian economy is a key growth driver for DTEK’s business. The country’s energy-intensive economy directly stimulates demand for electricity and coal, the Company’s main products. The majority of independent experts believe that the Ukrainian economy has attractive growth prospects.

New markets

DTEK seeks to bring into effect its key competitive advantages: a unique geographic position and experience in operating coal mining enterprises. With the lowest production costs for coal in Ukraine, the Company is working to expand its coal exports to the countries of the Black Sea basin and the Mediterranean. In addition, DTEK was one of the initiators of the process to liberalise electricity exports and began to sell power to European countries in 2010.

Investment programme

DTEK is carrying out a wide-ranging investment programme aimed at expanding and modernising its production capacity. Its goals are to increase output, reduce costs, increase worker productivity and enhance workplace safety. This allows the Company to offer products at more competitive prices while strengthening its market position.

Mergers and acquisitions

DTEK plans to expand its business both through organic growth and via acquisitions, including ones in foreign markets. It is interested in enterprises that could be organically incorporated into the current vertically integrated business structure.