Social partnership

DTEK builds relationships with local communities based on the principles of mutually beneficial cooperation. This involves local authority representatives and residents in helping to develop social programmes and assess their efficiency. These principles are set out in the Declaration of Social Partnership, adopted by the Company in 2008. This voices DTEK’s commitment to helping local government authorities devise plans to develop towns and cities with the aim of making them more attractive to investment.
The declaration is open to the involvement of other stakeholders sharing DTEK’s values. To date, it has been signed by six of the Company’s enterprises – DTEK Pavlogradugol, DTEK Mine Komsomolets Donbassa, Vostokenergo, DTEK Dobropolskaya CPP, Mospinskoye CEP, Dneproenergo, Zahidenergo; state enterprises Rovenkiantratsyt and Sverdlovantratsyt – as well as local authorities of 19 towns and 4 districts of Donetsk, Dnepropetrovsk, Zaporozhye, Vinnitsa, Lugansk, Lvov and Ivano-Frankovsk regions of Ukraine.
To ensure that the programme for social partnership is implemented transparently and effectively, a Coordinating Committee has been created that regulates the participants’ joint activity. It includes representatives of DTEK’s corporate centre and enterprises and local government officials. They work together to develop programmes and projects and decide how best to implement them.
In the two years since the declaration was adopted, the participants have successfully prepared and approved plans for the economic development of the Pavlograd and Petropavlovsk districts of the Dnepropetrovsk Region as well as inpidual cities: Pavlograd, Ternovka, Pershotravensk (Dnepropetrovsk Region), Kurakhovo, Zurges (Donetsk Region) and Schastye (Lugansk Region).
As part of the social partnership programme, DTEK provides financial support to the regions where it is present. In doing so, the Company is governed by the following principles: 
  • The funds should be used to resolve social problems and/or support disadvantaged groups, as well as implement social infrastructure projects;
  • DTEK does not sponsor projects of a political or religious nature;
  • The beneficiary must provide accounts enabling DTEK to ensure that funds are used appropriately.
Financial support is provided for such areas as education, healthcare and sport, cultural heritage and development. Two new priority areas for cooperation were identified – energy efficiency and enabling business environment. These areas were chosen in course of analysis of towns’ strategic development plans.

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