Social partnership

DTEK is building relations with local communities on the basis of mutually beneficial cooperation by involving representatives of local authorities and residents in the development and evaluation of social programs. These principles are set out in the Social Partnership Declaration, adopted by the Company in 2008. According to this document, DTEK is ready to provide assistance to local governments in preparation of urban development plans in order to increase investment attractiveness.
The Coordination Committee was created to ensure transparency and efficiency of social partnership programs and to regulate joint activities of Declaration participants. The Committee consists of the DTEK corporate center representatives and heads of the local governments that take joint decisions on ongoing programs and projects.

Under the framework of the Social Partnership program DTEK provides funding to the regions where it operates. The Company is guided by the following principles:

• Funds should be directed to resolve social problems and/or support vulnerable layers of population, or to implement social infrastructure projects;
• DTEK does not sponsor political or religious projects;
• Beneficiaries should submit financial reports to allow DTEK control the appropriate spending of disbursed funds.
In 2012, in order to improve the comfort of living in cities, improve conditions for leisure, education, medical services and business, three-year social partnership strategies were developed in each area of activity. Social partnership strategies were formulated on the basis of methodology for strategic planning of economic development of Ukrainian cities and regions. Basic principles of social partnership planning were openness, transparency, consistency.

Social Partnership Strategies with territories of the Company operation were developed by the working groups established in each town and district. Working groups included representatives of local governments, businesses, community organizations, and active citizens. All meetings were open, information about them was published in the local media.
Anyone, who is interested, can have access to detailed information on all the strategies and on projects’ implementation on the Social Partnership Program partner website. Visitors to the site can read financial statements, find information about upcoming deadlines and learn about the actual status of projects’ implementation. They also may contact us through the form on the website – write their questions, comments, impressions about the program.
The year 2014 showed that all the selected areas and planned activities remain relevant, and some of them have become vital for the population of cities and towns of DTEK activities.
In 2015, we plan to develop three-year strategies for 2016-2018 with the territories of DTEK operation.

DTEK social investment, mln UAH