DTEK appreciates that quality of the Company products and services is of great importance for both household and industrial energy consumers. Therefore, DTEK is systematically implementing modern approaches to quality management, actively interacts with consumers and partners, timely takes account of new requirements for the industrial processes, uses innovation technologies and solutions to increase service quality.
DTEK aims to ensure that energy is supplied to the end user with the guaranteed level of reliability and quality and is taking efforts to improve its service system. For example, “DTEK Energougol ENE” operates a hotline and an engineering block on the base of Donetsk Information Center which allows  reacting quickly to the consumer inquiries with the help of Internet.
Electricity for Households
Due to the "Electricity for Households Service" people do not need to stay in queues and to waste time to go a client service office. Users have been given on-line access to their personal accounts via their own computers and Internet. Due to this service Company clients may fully control information in their personal account, including payments, bills, annual consumption, meter readings, acts of operational occurrences, verification acts and many other pieces of information. They also may enter meter readings, pay for the communal services, interact with the Company representatives on-line, find out about the current tariffs and other useful information. Consumers of Kyivenergo, DTEK Dniprooblenergo and DTEK Energougol ENE may already use this service.
Within the framework of the client-oriented strategy, in April 2012, DTEK Energougol ENE launched a new free service “Mobile Office» for people with disabilities or health problems. The new service envisages a visit of a controller with special equipment, meter reading verification and immediate issuing of certificates (for example, about the debt absence or presence) and other documents for submission to different organizations.
This service will significantly reduce time burden on our clients. The standard procedure of certificate issuance envisages several stages: submission of a consumer request (either in person or by phone), visit of a specialist who will verify meter readings, certificate issuance in the Company office and agreement on when a client may collect it. The “Mobile Office” will simplify, speed up and more this process more comfortable – the certificate will be ready in a few minutes in the presence of a client at his/her place or office.
DTEK Dniprooblenergo
With the help of the “Personal Client Area” Internet service any citizen of Dnipropetrovsk oblast may pay for the used energy in a few minutes without having to leave his/her place. To do this, one needs to register in the “Personal Client Area” and pay with the help of a Visa or MasterCard. There are no fees, and the paid amount immediately appears on the personal account.
Apart from this, users of the “Personal Client Area” have a possibility to get a bill for the actual meter readings; control readings which create debts; enter actual meter readings used to calculate the balance. Also clients may quickly receive information about their personal accounts: they do not have to go to the clients’ service units to learn about the debts, payments, benefits, subsidies, readings, and may solicit explanation on how the debts and bills are formed. 
For almost one year more than 28,000 people became permanent users of the “Personal Client Area”. At the same time, Company specialists conduct surveys of users to meet their needs and to improve Internet service. 
Electricity for Industrial Users
In 2010, industrial electricity users were given on-line access to their accounts to save time during meter readings verification and payments via Internet. 
Industrial consumers registered in the system may enter meter readings, form and review the existing accounts, acts, and tax invoices in the electronic format ready for printing. Besides, consumers may see information on payments they made and on registered meters, set limits on capacity and consumption, see explanations of accruals, temporary cutoffs, tariffs and many other pieces of information.
Consumers using this technology have a number of advantages:
One may submit meter readings via Internet, hereby reducing both time and money spent to visit client service units of the energy supply company.   
One has quick and timely access to the necessary documents, including pay bills. Introduction of digital signatures will allow transferring to electronic document circulation.
Quick access to personal account information in the service supplier database allows controlling the work of a power supplier by verifying agreement entries, timely registration and allocation of payments, general state of electricity calculations, including the balance.
Possibility of on-line interaction between the consumer and the supplier gives possibility to resolve different issues: ask for explanations in case of questions, register work requests, receive messages from the supplier.  
One needs basic Internet skills to work with this system.
Presently, consumers of Kyivenergo and “DTEK Energougol ENE” may use this service;.