∙   DTEK has launched Energy Efficient Schools project for the educational institutions of Kyiv. First DTEK organized an energy efficiency training for the students, after which they were asked to come up with ideas to improve the efficiency of their schools. DTEK allocated UAH 1 million to implement these project at all eleven participating schools.
∙   Unit 4 of DTEK Zuivska TPP has been reconnected to the grid after retrofit. DTEK invested UAH 245.6 million in the retrofit.

∙   DTEK has completed the upgrade of unit 6 at DTEK Kurakhovska TPP with the record time of 11 months. The project investment totalled UAH 583 mln.
∙   DTEK has acquired control over the Ukrainian engineering company Elektronaladka.
∙   DTEK has launched a programme to create new jobs in the regions where it operates.
∙   DTEK has aquired 50% in PrJC Naftogazvydobuvannya, Ukraine’s largest privately-owned gas producer

2012  Energy in Action

∙    First acquisition of coal assets abroad: Public Mining Corporation ‘Obukhovskaya’, Public company Don-Anthracite and Sulinanthracite Company of Limited Responsibility (the Russian Federation) became part of DTEK.
∙    Acquisition of corporate rights in Mine Bilozerska ALC.
∙    Larger stakes in Zakhidenergo (70.91%), Dniproenergo (72.9%), Donetskoblenergo (70.65%), Dniprooblenergo (51.5%) and Krymenergo (57.5%) by winning the shares’ sale tenders held by the State Property Fund of Ukraine.
∙    Commissioning the first stage of Botievo wind farm: the largest wind farm in Ukraine.
∙    Approval of the Company’s 2030 Development Strategy.

2011  Growth Era

∙    DTEK became the largest private shareholder of Kyivenergo holding 71.8% of the company’s shares.
∙    The State Property Fund and DTEK signed lease and concession agreements for the state-owned companies Dobropolyeugol, Rovenkyanthracite and Sverdlovanthracite.
∙    DTEK Oil&Gas was set up to develop oil and gas projects.
∙    A record in fund-raising: $1.4 bln.
∙    DTEK has a permanent representative in Brussels (starting 1st of January).
∙    DTEK joined CSR Europe, the largest business association whose participants are active in developing corporate social responsibility

2010 Powerful Mining

∙    Setting up DTEK Power Trade to perform exports transactions on the electricity markets.
∙    First issue of Eurobonds to $500 mln.
∙    DTEK joined Euracoal and Eurelectric.
∙    Development of the Company’s long-term development strategy till 2030 was launched.

2009  Bright Company, Smart Energy

∙    The right to export electricity to Hungary, Romania and Slovakia purchased at the first auction for the access to cross-border networks.
∙    Setting up DTEK Trading to carry out coal trading transactions in Ukrainian and foreign markets.
∙    Opening DTEK Academy, DTEK’s own corporate university.
∙    The Company’s report on implementing the UN Global Compact principles received the ‘notable’ status. DTEK was one of 274 companies to receive such a result from over 5 thousand applicants from different countries that posted their reports on the UN Global Compact website.

2008  Taking the Lead through Technology

∙    Setting up Wind Power Company to implement long-term wind power projects.
∙    Issuing the first internal bonded loan to UAH 500 mln.
∙    DTEK’s five-year development strategy compiled.
∙    DTEK is the first industrial company in Ukraine to prepare its social report in compliance with the international standards and to pass an independent audit. Starting in 2008, the Company has been issuing social reports every two years.

2007  Powering Growth

∙    A financial partner of Vanco Prykerchenska Ltd in the Development of Prykerchenska area in the Black Sea project.  
∙    Dobropil's'ka CEP and Oktyabrs'ka CEP became part of DTEK
∙    A large-scale programme to upgrade the generating capacities of Skhidenergo LLC was launched. The programme will continue till 2016. 
∙    Introducing international financial reporting standards.
∙    The first international credit ratings awarded by Moody’s and Fitch.
∙    The first international credit: Deutche Bank loan to $100 mln.

2006 DTEK issued its First Annual Report

∙    Acquisition of controlling stakes in Servis-Invest and Energougol ENE.
∙    Pavlogradskaya and Kurakhovskaya Central Concentrating Mills became part of DTEK.
∙    Elaboration of DTEK’s five-year development strategy till 2012.
∙    Issue of the first annual report.

2005  Corporation DTEK established
∙    Setting up Corporation DTEK management company on the basis of DTEK association in order to improve the efficiency of the energy business operations and creating a transparent system of the enterprises management system

2004 Beginning of the vertical integration

∙    Privatization of Pavlogradugol state holding company
∙    Formation of the vertically integrated business model.

2002 DTEK Association established

∙    15 enterprises were united to form DTEK association, its purpose being the coordination of the economic and business activities of the companies starting from coal production and processing to electricity generation and supply. At the time the association included DTEK Mine Komsomolets Donbassa, Skhidenergo, Mospino Coal-Preparing Enterprise, etc.